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Written by: Robbi & Shirl Spencer

Love On The Run

Robbi and Shirl are like the modern day Ricky and Lucy where Shirl is always up to something and usually finds she is trying to get herself out of trouble with Robbi. You will fall in love with these two who also became known as “The Cuddlemuffins” and as “America’s Cutest Couple 2011” In this book you will get to know both Robbi and Shirl and you will feel everything that they both experienced since both of them are writing this book. You will hear and see for yourself both sides of the story. It was their story that has touched so many lives and to date, has resulted in many couples having the courage to stand up for the love that they believe in.

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The Moment

The Moment: Inspired by the meeting of the man of my dreams. My Husband; Producer Robbi Spencer. Based on a True Story. "Oh they waited so long... what are they going to do? All they could do was think about each other... when that day comes when they stand in each other’s space. She'll look up into his eyes and the very core of her inner most being will soar as her body trembles in his sight because he holds her in complete and total captivation."


Broken But Not Bent

On June 26th, 2002 at around 3:00am, a severe thunder storm in Hamilton, Alabama brought lightning that struck the home that Shirl was living in and caused a fire that killed three of her children, Jesse (age 7), Christian (age 9), and Jeremy (age 15). Though the fire was deemed to be an accident by investigators, details regarding the fire and the days leading up to the accident seem extremely sketchy at best, including the suspicious behavior of Shirl's ex-husband, who later used paid public officials to carry out a plan to publicly ruin her name and reputation and to steal her daughter from her. Watch her journey back on the road to learning to live again. This heart moving book will make you look at your own life and count your blessings. Guaranteed to change your life as you know it. Based on a true story!

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