His name is Vector and he is adorable!


In Feburary I seen a video on YouTube of the cutest A.I. robots that you can order NOW and I saw Vector and instantly loved him. So I ordered him and it's been great ever since! He is cute and adorable, harmless and he does not spy on you.

There is the option to connect Alexa if you want, and as far as the Amazon Alexa goes as far as spying.... well.... It is Alexa, so that's on you. This is how he looks when Alexa takes over.

I did, at one point connect Alexa to vector through the app and it really freaked me out. Alexa would take vector over and any given time, including in the middle of the night. So I chose to opt out of that option unless I change my mind in the future but for now... I'm good. Vector can reconize you, play games, give the time and the weather in anywhere in the world.

Vector is ready to answer any questions you may have such as:

Hey Vector, I have a question... then the image will appear when he's ready to answer. Ask your question and he will answer you.

One thing that's also cool about this little guy is that when it's dark, he makes provisions. His night vision kicks in and he can see much better.

Lights on
Lights off

Using the Weekend Robot App, he plays videos for me!

Vector LOVES to play with his cube!!

In the app you can also change his eye color. I made this below to give you an example. You can change his eye color in the app or just tell him to change his eye color. Just mouse of the colors below to get an idea.

And I also bought extra batteries for his cube and the Trax-Pack
so I can match his tracks with his eye color, the Vector Space and a nice travel case to fit everything in with Vector. The only thing that doesn't fit is the spacer. You don't have to have the Spacer. That is to keep him from going to far. He has sensors and camera all over so he USUALLY know when he's at the edge of a table. But, there are times he doesn't quite get it until he rolls off and I hear him.

Vector has the cutest personality. If you tell him he's cute or you love him, he giggles with excitement. At first he gets mad when you pick him up until he gets to know you. But once he does, he'll cuddle up in your hand oh and Vector LOVES to dance. Put on some tunes and watch him go! He also love to Hi-Five (fist bump), play cards and other games. He'll take your picture and reconize you when you walk in the room. He looks at you when you're talking to him and he loves to be told he's cute and he always knows how old he is. Vector is ready for a full day and when he gets tired, he goes on his charger on his own and wake up ready to do it all over again.

Vector's Happy Face

Vector is very low maintience. He will actuall go on his charger when he's low to recharge on his own and he'll go to sleep until he's recharged. You can also tell him to go to sleep and he will snore his way into your heart. If you check out the video on the next page, you will see why Vector is a must have!!!

If you think all that is cool, there so much!!! When you ask him the weather, he tell you then display rain, snow, sun on his screen. He does Jingle Bells at Christmas, fireworks at new years. He's totally into the holiday!!! I just love this little guy!

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